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For RPGMaker 2 by Agetec and Enterbrain.

Rough Draft #1

Section III:

Making a Complex Effect

Telling the Sword when to Spurt Blood or Not!

This section will disappoint the fans of the image intensive pages of this guide. But I did tell you before that it was not all Fun and Games in the VFX Editor.

However, this is where paying attention to all that menu scrolling before will pay off.

First things first.

If we want two different effects to occur, we need two different effects!

Go to the VFX Editor and Highlight the Sword Effect.

Press X, but do not select Edit.

Select Copy instead.

Now go to the bottom of the page (press O and Down) to highlight the Paste Copied Data command and Paste your Copied Data.

Be careful of the paste option in the list where you copied this. It overwrites the highlighted file. Only paste with the bottom button unless you want to overwrite data!!

Now change the name of the file to sword2 or something.

Go down to the pillar effect and highlight the element. Press X and delete it.

Exit and save.

Remember the Direct Effect that was connected to the sword? That is our ultimate goal here.

Recall that it was powered by System Events. So we need a new system event for the Fail Slot of the Directing Menu under The Custom Tab of Direct Effect #128; Iron Sword.

This is actually very easy.

Just go to the Event Editor and Create New Data, under Type (just under the event's name) select System instead of Normal. Scroll down to Apply and press X, then Triangle to enter the Script Database.

From here you can choose Create New Data.

Do so.

Make one of those single line scripts that reads:

Screen Display > Effects > Target > [Sword2]

Name this script appropriately.

Exit and save.

Press O to return to the Event Editor. Now apply this script to this event (note that simply creating it the way we did does not apply it!).

Exit and save yet again.

Now open the main menu of the game. Choose Game > Direct Effects and go to effect 128; Iron Sword.

As mentioned above, just go to the Custom Tab, Directing Menu, and Fail Slot. Then Apply this new system event there.

Congratulations! You have just created a Modified Default Battle System!!

Advanced Scripting Trick for this Concept.

Advanced users are always seeking ways to reduce the memory usage in their games.

Well, VFX are Memory Pigs and here is a way to save a good 700 memory units on this effort.

Go to the effect with the sword and blood.

Delete the sword. Rename it Blood, save and exit.

Now, in the script that calls the effect which up until now was the sword and blood (but is now just blood) we need to make a modification.

Make the first line read

Script : Apply Together

The next line can remain the same (just calling the blood effect) but add a third line at the end which will call the sword with no blood effect.

A quick way to do this is to copy and paste the line that is already there, then edit the called effect.

By calling these two effects separately you save a good chunk of memory and can also recycle the blood effect on to other custom weapon effects in your new MDBS!

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