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For RPGMaker 2 by Agetec and Enterbrain.

Rough Draft #1

Section II:

Layered Effects:

Battle: A Sword Strike w/Blood Splash

OK, it's time to add some Blood to our sword strike effect.

Go open the sword effect from earlier and create a new element. Make it a Pillar (from the Effects Sub-menu).

The Prima Strategy Guide uses the Fireworks Effect, so I am showing another way.

To make this look like a good blood splash we need some more parameter tweaking.

In the Setup Editor, on Page One, change the pattern to Bubble, Pick a nice Dark Red, and set the Blend to Normal.

On page 2, set the form to Sphere, Generate to 33, Interval to 3, and leave the rest alone.

On Page 3 Just set Split X and Split Y to their lowest settings (easily done by using that arrow on the side of the slide bar graphic next to the commands).

That should do for a cheap blood effect. Sorry, Gore is not my strong point.

Now to place this...

Exit the pillar Setup and save your changes.

The point of impact we created was at frame 15, so go there and place a new Pillar Element.

Move it forward and raise it up to the enemy and sword.

Now turn it, the same way we turned the sword, so it spurts towards the camera.

I still don't like it.

Make it bigger with the size button (again, just like last time).

Save your changes and exit.

Go test it out (as before):

I know what you're thinking...

"I don't want my sword drawing blood if the attack misses!"

Tune in to the next section...

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