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For RPGMaker 2 by Agetec and Enterbrain.

Rough Draft #1

Tutorial #3
Simple Battle effect: A Sword Strike

Many people want to make their own visuals for weapons.

Believe it or not, I have not used weapons in my games and just now noticed.

I had to teach myself a trick or two for this section!

Let's start with a simple sword strike.

First we'll need a sword.

So far we have not needed to adjust the number of frames the effect runs because they were all for perpetual effects and it did not matter.

A weapon strike is different.

See the third row of stuffs in the editor?

It's the one with the "View" button. On that row is the frame count. It defaults to 299.

That's ten seconds. The system displays animations at 30 frames per second.

The human eye only sees 24 to 27 frames per second on average. That is VITAL information for later.

But for now let's make this a one second effect by highlighting the "299" and pressing X.

Change the number to 30 and press X again.

Go to Elements; Objects; Weapons, and select Sword.

Now place it at Frame 15, not frame 0 (This is how I do things and am told my stuff is nice, so bear with me on this and if you find you like linear creation better, by all means create in that fashion).

Now move it forward {by highlighting "Move" by holding X and using the Directional Buttons (D-Pad)} and raise it up a little (with the R1 and X buttons)... Thus:

Time to use that "Turn" button for the first time. Highlight it and press X then use the D-Pad's Up button to tilt it towards the enemy models, Thus:

Now use what you've learned to fine tune the position relative to the enemy however you like.

I got 'em right between the eyes, Thus:

So, why did we do this at frame 15 and start with the hit?

I am dyslexic and find the next part easier with the main part of the action defined first.

Go to frame one and place a new element.

The sight that greets you is what confuses so many people on their first visit to the editor:

Exit and save. Notice the orange bar that now appears. Orange stuff is being animated by the computer, white stuff is not. Blue Boxes are the "Extremes" of the motion (which you set) and the computer does "the in-betweens." I think this is how Flash animation works too.

Place a new frame at frame 30 so the whole effect is full.

Just for fun (and you can skip this) from the editor window, press square.

This has the same effect as using the "View" button in the main window.

You are now able to preview what is going on here.

Press triangle to start and stop the motion.

Hopefully this explains those funny white lines. They are the path your element follows across the grid.

OK enough distraction.

Go back to frame zero and press X until you can edit the element.

Use your new found expertise to move it forward to around here:

And for frame 30 put it around here:

If you go watch it now it almost works, but is boring.

Lets see if you can use the Turn controls yet:

Turn the sword in frame one so it is approximately Thus:

And frame 30, approximately Thus:

It is still lacking if you watch it.

One of my favorite tricks is to use size for visual impact. Go to frame 15 and edit that frame. Highlight the size button in the element editor.

Hold down X and press Down on the D-Pad to enlarge the sword.

I made mine look thus:

For this shot I accidentally have Turn highlighted, but it is obvious I used Size. The final draft will have the correct screen shot.

Now Viewing it looks Thus:

It still needs something.

Go to that bar labeled SFX (Sound Effects) and edit frame 15.

Select new and choose Sound #77 "Sword 1" and exit, saving.

Press square and watch.

Feel free to add a swoosh at the start or more, this is just for the very basics.


We made a sword visual effect for use in Battle!

Enough with the pretty pictures.

Now we need to get to some RPGM2 Scripting if we want to put this effect in our game.

I'll assume you can access the preset data.

If not, you started in hard and are obviously advanced enough to script this on you own. Thank you for reading this far. Your part here is done.

For the rest of you:

First we will need to go to the Game menu and choose Party Members.

Highlight Virk.

Enter and look under the Custom Tab for the Equip Menu.

Equip his Iron Sword.

Now got to the menu just above it (Items) and learn the famous Triangle Button Trick!

Highlight Iron Sword and Press X.

When the list comes up, press Triangle.


This is the Items menu.

This trick works when going through various levels of menu in the editors.

It really helps to see how everything fits together. In your spare time do this to everything you can in all the places you never look.

It's Educational.


It brings us right to the Iron Sword. Press X and edit.

Under the Custom Tab is the Attack Menu. And there is something called a Direct Effect.

Highlight, Press X, and Triangle again.

Now we are at the Iron Sword's Direct Effect. This is what makes it work. Somebody write a tutorial on Direct Effects for these people! (And one on Indirect Effects for ME!!!)

In the Custom Tab is a menu called Directing.

It has the same thing in 3 places. A thing called Sword 1.

Go do the thing again and suddenly we are in the event database.

You know what to do.

This may be new to some of you.

I know you understand normal events from earlier, but this is different! Things are browned out! (Not a Poop Mage joke)

That is because this is a system event. More on the real differences in somebody else's tutorial someday.

For now, just go to the apply slot and do the Triangle Button trick one last time.


The Script Database.

Why did I not just take you here?

Figure it out...


Edit this script.


Just ONE line of script?? All that for ONE LOUSY LINE of Script???


Highlight that line of script and choose edit.

Scroll down to our new sword effect and choose it.

Exit and save.

Button mash your way out of that mess with Os and Xs. Bs sure to save the data at the script and the party member levels!

Nothing else has changed so save or not as you see fit.


Lets test this out on a MOOnster.

From the Main Menu Choose Enemies, then Units.

Edit Unit 0 (1 Single Group) and select the Test Tab.

Make the party consist of just Virk. Pick a Battle field (I like the Inn) and then go to the Member 1 tab.

Equip him with the Iron Sword.

Use the Battle Button or just Press Square.

Does yours look like this:

No, it does not.

Your Slime reacts to the sword strike after the effect runs.

That is because I am a moron and forgot to tell you about Markers.

Go back to our Sword VFX.

Notice near the frame count is a thingy called Marker with a number box next to it.

A marker is a point in the effect that you can use to tell the system to stop holding up the scripts calling this effect and move on.

In layman's terms, and for our purposes, it is the moment that the computer will play the enemy's Damage action (the Slime reacting).

Highlight the number box and press X.

We smacked him at frame 15, so set the marker to frame 15!

Go back to the unit and Battle Test again.

It should now work as above.

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