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For RPGMaker 2 by Agetec and Enterbrain.

Rough Draft #1
Tutorial #4
Making a layered effect.

Example 1:
World Effects: A Campfire with Smoke & Sparks

You know the old saying; Where there's Smoke, There's Fire!

Well, we just used smoke to make fire. Now let's use smoke to make smoke!

The pre-set smoke effect is simple enough and looks good so here is how they did it (slightly modified to fit our purposes):

First, the used a custom color. I know what your thinking... It's white!!! That's not a custom color!

I will go into detail on why later, but due to the nature of the textures in the editor you can't always get the colors you want.

Anyway... Make a new smoke element in the Fire effect from earlier.

Edit the element, in the Element Setup window by first editing the color on page 1.

Enter the color palette and click on Custom (The tab next to Swatch) and set the Hue to 0, the saturation to 0, and the Bright to 40.

It is just too bright at that all white setting. I am sure you noticed what happened when you changed the color.

Exit the palette and save the color change.

For a smoke effect that trails up from a fire we need to tweak more of those funny settings on page 2 of the Element Setup Editor.

First off we need to make it narrow. I used a Radius of 5 for mine. See what you like best and use it.

I'm going to take you down a couple slots now so you can better see what the following changes do to a column of smoke.

Go to the Weight setting and choose a Weight of -0.500. This will allow the column to rise. Lower numbers will raise it higher.

OK, back in sequence.

Set Generate all the way down to 1.

Set Interval all the way down to 1.

Setting Generate higher makes it thicker and billowier because you are making more smoke particles.

Setting Interval higher (while leaving Generate at 1) make puffy Smoke Signals because the stream of smoke is only being Generated at Intervals.

Set the Life to 70.

The longer the life, the higher your column of smoke will go.

Increase the size to 50 just because.

The pre set smoke effect set the burst to 0.03 just to give it a little wiggle.

This setting looks good but you should play around until you find a setting you like. The next image was made with th0.03 Burst setting.

Exit and save your changes.

Now we got to place this. If you just leave it where they set it, it will overlap your fire and look bad. Try raising it a little. Like This:

Now go to View and look!

It should appear thus:

If you prefer Dirty Smoke, go back to the Element Setup Page and change the Blend from Add to Normal.

It should then appear thus:

Time to check it out in test play:

But I promised Sparks too, didn't I?

I suggest Kimono My House or Big Beat and other early stuff. I stopped liking Sparks after they went punk. But their early work compares to Frank Zappa for sheer silliness!


Not the band?

Sparks to shoot out of the fire?

Well why didn't you say so??!!??

OK then, back to the VFX Editor and the Fire effect we're making.

Create yet another smoke element (if you have not guessed yet, I an trying to show the diversity of a single element, rather than bombard you with lots of different stuff).

This time change the blend to Normal for sure! We want contrast between the fire and the sparks.

The following image was made by setting the Radius all the way to Zero; Generate and Interval to 3; Life to 50; Size to 12; Weight to -0.111; Burst to 0.43; and Width to 180. I left Length at 360.

Looks nice, but mundane.

Here's a nifty trick:

Go back to the VFX Editor and open the effect.

Set the frames to 30 so we have a one second looping effect.

Now go to the smoke effect that is our sparks. Go to the placement section, choose Edit, and go to frame 10.

Place a new element and go to the little color box next to the Size button (in the top row).

Change the color to pink.

Make a new placement at frame 20 and change the color to brown.

Make a new placement at frame 30 and change the color to purple.

Now Look!

After fine tuning this to your tastes you should have a campfire of which to be proud.

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