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For RPGMaker 2 by Agetec and Enterbrain.

Rough Draft #1
Tutorial #2
Making a simple effect.

Example 1:
World Effects: A Campfire

Select the Smoke element and place it at frame 0 of the effect.

Place Object 57 (Bonfire) as an event on a map and set the effect to it. (If you can't do this... CATCH UP!! This guide will be building progressively and I expect you to have the acumen to do what's already been covered!)

If you do nothing to the settings it looks like this:

If that's what you want, OK.

But since you probably want a more normal fire, try this:

Go back to the effect and highlight the smoke element (the part with the words, not placement).

Enter and go to page 2.

First we need a cool color.

I found you get the best results with the red sample located 2nd from the left in the top row of color choices.

Compare it to others to be sure it your choice as well.

Ahhh, I'll bet you beginners are wondering how I got that cool Black Background. Is simple. I used the BG Color control in the lower right of the menu. I also raised the effect and used the "source" and "enemy" buttons to hide the figures for that shot. This rough draft will not feature the section on all the controls because the help files in the game cover all that. Hopefully this will get you reading them with more confidence...

But I Digress...


Now, I'll bet you beginners are screaming "BUT WAIT... My smoke is still white even though I changed it to RED!

Well, don't worry. I did that to you on purpose.

Anything set in the placement editor (the one where you move it around) stays as set no matter what changes you make in the Element Editor (the one with the pages).

There is a place to set the color in the Placement Editor and since we placed the element originally as white, that frame is still white.

When we change the other settings later (generate, radius, etc.) they will carry through because they cannot be changed in the other editor.


To make our placed element our new color we can either change the color inside the Placement Editor part, or delete the placed smoke and place a new one.

We did not move it so it does not matter.

Do one of the above and enter the editor (yeah, I'm making you decide which to do... what are ya gonna do about it?) (I'm from New Jersey!).

Raise the element to ground level and go look at it in test play.

Looks a little out of control, huh?

To shrink it go make the radius smaller (page2 of the element editor... I toldja to CATCH UP!!). I set it to 10 and it looked like this:

Now it's too dense. To make it more sparse, like the original, reduce the number in the "Generate" slot. I went all the way down to 7 (but use whatever setting you like) for the example, and it looked thus:

And there is simple World effect number one!

It's time for our new feature:


Entry #1

Longer Visual Effects Take More Memory.

Not True.

Notice our effect here is set to 299 frames and uses 736 memory units.

Go and change it to 0 frames (1 frame... they start counting at zero).

Notice that the effect is unchanged and the memory used is uneffected.

This is because it is the element placements that consume memory, not the playing of them.

One Rumor Properly Dispatched!

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