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For RPGMaker 2 by Agetec and Enterbrain.

Rough Draft #1

Part 1

Here's an often asked question: "How do I put a Weapon on my Character?" Here is the answer: First, make an effect of the weapon. RPG people often like swords, so here is a sword:

This was simple. The default sword, raised and enlarged a bit, then turned to the proper angle.

See that button labeled Source?

Use it.

This places a figure over the fancy origin point.

Now place the sword appropriately, using the figure for reference.

If you wonder why you don't see the sword when you exit the editor, there is a reason.

See in the upper right corner where it says "Battle"? Go change that to Map.

Viola. Ze Sword, she is Visible!

Now we need to write up a script for this.

Just go to the script editor and create new data. Make a script that reads :

Script : Apply Together
Display : Effects: [Swordypoo]

Set the Repeat to Zero {Infiite}, and the Target to Leader.

The "Apply Together" is needed because of the infinite loop. The system gets hung up on infinite loop commands and needs to be told to go past them.

Name this Swordypoo for easy reference.

Now we need to place this script somehow.

A good way is in the To Map / Facing Script.

Just add the line

Call Script : [Swordypoo]

Put it at the end or beginning, but not middle!

Go to test play!

Why not just add the line to the script directly?

Well, this is for a single weapon on a single member.

You may want to adjust this as your game progresses and it helps to have it all in one place for later editing.

Furthermore; if you use "Enter Map" Scripts later, you will need to call this script from there because such scripts override the default "To Map / Facing" Script.

It bears mentioning that this is a static image and only experience and experiment will make it move in sync with your character.

You also will want to experiment with swapping effects for special actions like happy or others.

Have fun!

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