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For RPGMaker 2 by Agetec and Enterbrain.

Rough Draft #1

Table of Contents

Links to Various RPGMaker Sites - (I can be contacted at some of these) (Seek Rodak!)

Pre-Prologue - Basics of RPGM2

Prologue: Coordinate Demo:
Simple Candle Lighting

Idiotic Table of The Elements

Here They Are!

The pure eye candy pages!

Warning: Lots of images per page!

Eye Candy Page 1:
The Effects:

Eye Candy Page 2:
The Objects:

Eye CandyPage 3:
The 2-D Animations:

Eye CandyPage 4:
The 2-D Images:

Section One:

Simple Effects:

Part One:
World Effects:

A Campfire

Part Two
Battle Effects:

A Sword Strike

Section II:

Layered Effects:


A Campfire with Smoke and Sparks


A Sword Strike w/Blood Splash

III) Making a Complex Effect

Telling the Sword when to Spurt Blood and When Not to do so!

III) Special Tutorial #1 : Build Your Own Starship!

Page One: The Ship.

Page Two: The Lights.

Page Three: The Weapons. COMING SOON!

Frequently Unanswered Questions

Coming Soon:

Explanations of all the controls and settings for each element.

Also Coming Soon: Collaborative efforts from;

Dark Horizons: Humanoid VFX Characters

William Kirk: Placing VFX on Enemies

Bigfoot: A Visual Tour of All The Various Settings for The Elements of the Editor

Draygone: Descriptions of the Elements for the Eye Candy Pages.

Special Thanks to them all as well as to Doan The Nado {of} for providing some HTML code.

This is a work in progress, and thus I decided to add:

The Update List!

Added Boobyprize Animated gif preview pic to bottom of Boobyprize Tutorial Page 2. - February 21st, 2006 - 10:00 AM EST

Added This Update Box! And linked page 2 of Boobyprize tutorial to FUQ Page {Frequently Unanswered Questions} February 21st, 2006 - 12:00 PM EST

I have been checking spelling and grammar this week and last.
Very little real work. More this weekend!
March 8th,2006 - Lunchtime...

Added a Pre-Prologue Tutorial giving enough basic knowledge of RPGM2 to get you started if you don't even understand events!
March 16th - Lunchtime

Added a links page for community support and contacting me!
March 25th, 4:00 AM

More to come...