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For RPGMaker 2 by Agetec and Enterbrain.

Rough Draft #1

Special Tutorial #1
Build Your Own Starship!
The USS Boobyprize
Part 3
Put it all together!
(And Add Weapons!)

OK, now we have 2 visual effects we want to combine.

I wanted to use this in a mini game, so I am going to describe how to make this your Main Character Model!

That's right, we're sneaking in a VFX Character Tutorial!

The first thing you need to do is hide your main character.

The defaults are set for Virk and a party of 3.

Delete the rest of the party in: Game: General Settings, under the Basic Tab.

Now Highlight Virk and press X.

Do the Triangle Trick Thing (explained earlier... CATCH UP!!) and get to the Party Member Database.

Highlight Model on the basic tab and do it again!

Now we're in the Character Model Database.

Choose to edit Virk, and scroll down to his transparency

Set it to 100%.

We don't want to see our party member if he is going to be a visual effect! But we still need one to make the game work, and this is the way to customize it's appearance completely!

Exit and save.

Work your way out of the menus and back to the main area.

Time to create a script!

It should read as follows:

Script: Apply Together
Screen Display: Effects: Party: [Boobyprize]
Screen Display: Effects: Party: [Boobyprize 2]

Set the Repeat to Zero {Infinite} and the Target to Leader in both effect commands!

Name This Script "Boobyprize" and exit (saving!).

The "Apply Together" is needed because of the infinite loop. The system gets hung up on infinite loop commands and needs to be told to go past them.

Applying this script to the Party every time they enter a map is the next step.

The 4th Script in the list (Number 3 because they start counting at Zero just to confuse you) is the "To Map / Facing" script.

It is called by the system everytime you enter a map.

We want to edit that script

If you are not in Hard Mode you won't be able to do this. So go to Preferences and (in File: Preferences: User: Level)

Now add a line either at the beginning or end (but not the middle!) that reads:

Script: Call Script [Boobyprize]

Why not just add the line to the script directly?

Well, this is for a VFX "Form" on a single member.

You may want to adjust this as your game progresses and it helps to have it all in one place for later editing.

Furthermore; if you use "Enter Map" Scripts later, you will need to call this script from there because such scripts override the default "To Map / Facing" Script.

With the new script being called from the "To Map / Facing" script, enter Test play.

Your Main Character is now The Boobyprize!

But... it looks wrong on a map near a fancy campfire (You have been working along with the guide, right?).

Lets make a more appropriate setting by opening the main menu and choosing Graphics: Dungeon Editor: and Create New Data.

Go to the custom tab and modify the background colors to be Black on both top and bottom.

The bottom looks black, but is really a blue-ish. Preview if you don't believe me!

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