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For RPGMaker 2 by Agetec and Enterbrain.

Rough Draft #1

Special Tutorial #1
Build Your Own Starship!
The USS Boobyprize
Part 2

Create a new effect.

The lights on the side of the ship are simply Comet A recolor a bit yellow and left in Add Blending. Place one of those.

Now, in order to make it line up with the body of our ship we will need a point of reference.

So Let's go get one. Exit this effect (after naming it)

Now go to the original effect and copy the first boulder we placed (the main body of the ship) by highlighting the named part of the element and choosing copy from the drop down menu.

Now we go back to the new effect and paste this in there by highlighting the SFX bar (or your placed comet... it does not matter) and choosing Paste from the drop down menu.

We now have the boulder from the other effect in our new one!


Now It's Easy!

Resize, turn and move our comet thus:

Now copy and paste that comet so we have 2.

Go in and slide it to one side.

Repeat, but slide it to the other side.

Repeat three more times for the opposite row

By using the copy and paste feature we keep the lights all of uniform size!

It is a good idea to use the same trick we used to bring the body in to this effect to now go and retrieve the two side daggers, just to make sure you have no unsightly overlap.

Once you have it looking nice, it is time to go and get more reference material.

Delete the reference boulder and daggers.

Exit and save

Go retrieve a Nacelle for reference.

Copy and paste it, but edit it to change the blend to Add and the color to Blue.

It should look thus:

But It Doesn't!!!


Entry 2: "I Changed The Dang Color And Nothing Happens!!!"

I have fielded this question more times than any other about the VFX Editor.

The short answer is NAH - AH!

In more detail, what we did was change the color in the Element Setup Editor. The placed element already has a color set in that little color box in the grid part.

I intentionally had us change the color in the Setup Editor and then look at the placement due to the number of people who have difficulty grasping how these things work together.

Basically, anything you can only set in the Setup Editor {like Blend, Rotation, etc.} will carry through to the Placement Editor (The Grid). But since you can set the color to change in the Grid part (and often want to do this) those settings will take priority.

To illustrate the point, go to the placement of this element and press X. Select Move and slide it down a few frames.

Now place a new element at frame zero and look.

It is happening before the placed frame so uses the default setting.

Place another new element anywhere after the other frame and look.VIt has the color of the frame before it!

The Editor reads from left to right and assumes a flow of effects when filling in the blank spaces.

There will be more details on this in the final version, but that should clarify how settings in the Setup Editor carry through to the Placement Editor.

Now that another Rumor has been Smooshed into Oblivion, we can proceed.

Change the color of the new boulder to blue {in the grid!!} and it should look thus:

Now, to make a blue bar light source along this irregular surface lock the Z and Y axes, then shrink it so that it becomes narrower and slide it to one side so it protrudes slightly. The irregularities should just about match perfectly:

Now Go and look at this in View Mode to be sure you're on the right track:

Repeat for the other Nacelle:

As Usual, I forgot something.

Go back and delete our reference Nacelle(s) and exit, saving your changes. We need the Main Body of the ship again.

I wanted something to put on it's hiney.

I thought an Aura Element set to red and Add Blending would work nicely if rotating. I set it to the Z axis, and a speed of 33.

Sort of like a Plasma Paddlewheel!

We're filling up on Elements now, aren't we?

Here is another tricky way to get things done.

Go back to our first set of elements for the ship (deleting the reference boulder on your way out).

If this scares you, you can copy and paste the effect so we don't ruin anything... but we are going to go in and delete a dagger. We need room to work and can exit without saving, so this is no danger unless you mistakenly save when you exit!

If you don't trust yourself, copy and paste the whole thing and delete the extra when we are done.

OK, you're covered. Go delete that dagger and make a new Ring Element from the Magic Objects section.

Color it a bright yellow and leave Blend set to Add and start it rotating on it's Z Axis at a speed of about 5.

Now try to position it thus:

The idea is to leave just a tiny amount showing so that the irregularities make it go just under the surface of the sphere in places.

This gives the illusion of twinkling!

After I took that shot I shrunk it a little Vertically.

Now exit the Grid and highlight the Ring Element Setup Bit you just made and Copy it.

Exit without saving!

Go to our lights effect for the ship and paste it in there!

I bet your view now looks something like this:


Now to Arm the ship and put it all together!

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Coming Soon!

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