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For RPGMaker 2 by Agetec and Enterbrain.

Rough Draft #1

Special Tutorial #1
Build Your Own Starship!
The USS Boobyprize
Part 1

First place a boulder element. Change the blend to normal and it should look thus:

Next we need to start distorting it into a shape we want.

If we just raise it up, turn it, and enlarge the boulder it grows on all 3 axes and would look all wrong. See:

Did you notice those buttons labeled X, Y, and Z on the menu bar?

We haven't used them yet because I deemed them "Advanced" and you had to have some basics down first.

Now that you are experienced from reading everything leading up to this bit we can start on this stuff.

The X, Y, and Z axes of your stuff are indicated by the red crosshair thingy.

We want to shrink this along two axes, but leave one intact, in order to narrow this out and get the shape we want.

To do this we need to lock one axis.

This is what the X, Y, and Z buttons down there are for.

Go and highlight the Z button and press X.

We have just locked this axis. You can not even move the element along this axis now.

Go highlight the Size button and shrink it as we did with other stuff (holding X and using the D-Pad).

Keep going until it is Totally Tubular, Man!

Be sure to look at it from all angles! The editor can fool you that way If you are not careful!!

After you get it looking satisfactory, exit and save. This is the Main Body of the ship.

Time for The Nacelles (Star Geek Talk).

They should resemble the body as much as possible, so why not make them slightly smaller copies of the body?

Copy and paste the boulder you have just placed.

Go in and edit. Raise it up and to the left of the original. Then use the size button to shrink the whole thing until they are proportioned roughly thus:

Repeat for the Right Nacelle:

I used daggers to make the connecting sections that hold the whole thing together.

Because of my brain deformity, I started with the beam that will hold the as yet unplaced Saucer Section of the ship.

Raise it up, enlarge the whole thing, and turn it to an appropriate angle.

While we have a dagger placed we may as well copy it and paste it twice and manipulate the other two into position with turns, resizes, and moves which you should be able to figure out from this image:

Notice I let the tips of the handles on the daggers to protrude slightly. They add ornamentation to the ship!

Now for the above mentioned Saucer Section.

Place a new Orb element (from the Objects > Magic menu). Change the color to a dark grey and the blend to normal. It should look thus:

Is no good. Let's smoosh it flatter, but leave the "length" and "width" alone. To do that we lock the X and Y axes and use the size controls to shrink it along the Z axis.

Now just unlock the other axes and move it into position.

Next we need another orb. This time place a new one and leave the default settings alone. A glowing white dome is just what we want! I assume I need not tell you how to shrink it and place it thusly:

Now another orb, left at Add Blending, but colored reddish:

One more of them placed on the opposite Nacelle and we are full up to the maximum 10 Elements per Effect!

What ever shall we do now?

The Next Page has the answers...

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